Larry Justice


Larry has been a SAGAFTRA union actor since 1993. He's appeared in several films and television shows throughout the years.

In 2013, Larry played
a Chauffeur
in the Tom Hanks film,
"Saving Mr. Banks"
directed by John Lee Hancock.

He was also on numerous television shows in 2013 including:

Larry Justice in a scene opposite Henry Winkler"1600 Penn"
He had the privilege of being a Committee Member on the Environmental Task Force, in a scene opposite Henry Winkler. Directed by David Grossman.

He returned to "Vegas" as a poker cheating Spotter, caught in the act by
Sarah Jones and Jason O'Mara.
Directed by Christine Moore.

On "Scandal", he appeared as a single dad, Dave, in season 2. And, political talk show host, Frank, in season 3.

Larry appeared as
Antonia's Father, on
"NCIS: Los Angeles".

He played Roman's Dad
on "Bunheads".

In 2012:

He appeared with Jennifer Coolidge as
Sophie's friend, on "2 Broke Girls"

He was a Doctor
on "Vegas" with
Dennis Quaid and
Jason O'Mara,
directed by
Matt Earl Beesley.

His first movie, as an actor
was in director Joe Dante's,
"Matinee", in 1993.

Later that same year,
he was featured as a Gem Buyer
in his first television appearance
on an episode of "Swampthing",
directed by Tony Dow
of "Leave it to Beaver" fame.

Larry remembers, "You never forget those first couple of times you ever walk onto a real set. There's nothing like it in the world."

He was an Alien from another planet, in director
Mike Nichols', comedy "What Planet Are You From", in 2000.

In 1998, he played the Milkman
in director Pat Gleason's
independent horror film,
"Laughing Dead".

He was a Referee in the 1996 movie
"Within the Lines",
directed by Bill Johnson.

And, he danced his way across
the screen that same year in
director Herb Freed's, "Subterfuge".

He was a military fighter plane
Pilot with his role in
1995's, "Tornado Run",
and featured in "Dreamcatcher",
later that year.

He's trained/studied acting with Virgil Frye, Gordon Hunt and Duane Whitaker.


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Saving Mr. Banks Walt Disney Pictures Chauffeur
A Pack of Lies Z-Pictures Billy
Techno Turmoil C. K. Gold Vagabond
Take the Pictures Ziggy Texas Trouble Entertainment Artist
Tornado Run L Entertainment /
Cinequanon Pictures
What Planet Are You From? Columbia Pictures Alien
Laughing Dead LD Productions Milkman
Within the Lines Cinema Liberté / Artist View Referee
Subterfuge Bellrock Entertainment /
August Entertainment
Dream Catcher Capitol Productions Featured


Scandal ABC Studios Dave (Nice Dad)
Bunheads ABC Family Roman's Dad
1600 Penn 20th Century Fox Television Committee Member
NCIS: Los Angeles CBS Television Antonia's Father
Vegas CBS Television Spotter
2 Broke Girls Warner Bros. Television Sophie's Friend
New Girl 20th Century Fox Television Featured
Worlds Worst Tenants Spike TV Featured
Swampthing USA Network/Universal Studios, FL Gem Buyer
Trivial Pursuit (Promo) Martindale-Hillier Entertainment Featured


Duane Whitaker’s Film Actors Workshop - Hollywood, CA
Gordon Hunt Workshop - Studio City, CA
Virgil Frye Actors Workshop - Hollywood, CA
The L.A. East Commercial Workshop - Orlando, FL


Co-hosted and programmed a live 50's/60's, R & B show, with WGTO Radio, Orlando, FL.
Recorded and wrote the “Memphis State Rap” with WHBQ Radio, Memphis, TN.


Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Bowling, Boxing, Dancing, Darts, Firearms, Football, Golf, Horseback Riding, Motorcycling, Scuba Diving, Singing, Swimming, Stage Combat, Stunts, Tennis and Waterskiing

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